SBA Member Announcements

As your Scott Business Association begins another year, we look to the future with great expectations and a sense of excitement. The Scott Business Association is committed to you, the local business owner, in helping you grow your business. As a member you can benefit from the many SBA programs that are available: Business After Hours, advertisements, and net-working in the community. There are many advantages to being a Scott Business Association member.

We hope you will join us for the many informative and educational events we have planned. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call membership committee chairman Bill Young at 233-9383 or at

Current Member Announcements

Scott Business Association Scott Police Department Chief Leger

In recent years, Scott Fire Department has seen a steady increase in calls for emergency services.
The cost associated with answering these calls for emergency services, insurance, station operations and maintenance all continue to rise,
while funding to provide these services has recently been cut by over 60%.
In an effort to continue to provide these much needed services in the City of Scott and unincorporated areas, which sound Scott,
SFD is holding our first ever "50 Guns in 50 Days Raffle".
A single $50 ticket provides you multiple chances to win during the daily drawing, for the next 50-days.
The winner will be determined by the Louisiana Lottery Pick 3 numbers and will begin on June 1, 2018.
What is unique about our raffle? The winner has the option to receive the gun assigned to that date or use the value as
credit towards a different new or used gun, jewelry or any item at Bayou State Pawn (Credit good for 6 months).
ONLY 1,000 tickets will be sold, so buy your tax-deductible ticket today, so we can continue to respond tomorrow. Keep Safe,
Chief Chad Leger

Scott Business Association... Scott Police Department
Chief Chad Leger and the Scott Police Department are proud to launch their new website for the Scott Police Department.

Scott Police Department

While visiting our site, you will be able to read a message from Chief Chad Leger, meet our officers that have served in our military
and meet our current staff that serves the City of Scott every day.
In addition, you can obtain the Scott Police Department application for employment, civil service application, pay a citation,
learn about the different divisions within the department, make contact with our officers, leave anonymous tips, and view our photo gallery.
We have also provided an Information section where you will be able to find hurricane and disaster planning information to help you before the storm season begins.
Please review our calendar attachment regularly as we will post all upcoming events within our city.
Keep Safe,
Chief Chad Leger

Scott Business Association

Memo to all SBA Members: The SBA has successfully amended the Articles of Incorporation and the Board of Directors have tackled the task of amending the By-Laws.
Pending approval of the amendments to the By-Laws, the Board of Directors will be composed of a designated number of permanent Board Members,
and in every even year, such as 2016, a minimum of two (2) At-Large positions will be voted in by the membership at the Annual Meeting
in April of 2016. These are two-year terms, so any member of the SBA can nominate another SBA member for the At-Large positions.
If more members are nominated than we have vacancies, the two highest vote getters will be declared the winners.
If because of a tie, more members than positions exist, the members who are tied will undergo a head-to-head vote,
with the highest vote getter being declared the winner.
Please send your nominations in as soon as possible so we can put their names on the ballot.